Why Should You Read A Gun Control Article?

Gun death statistics

A gun control article may not be read by all. Not all people are interested in the topic of gun control. But, gun crime affects everyone. Therefore every one should be interested in knowing gun control facts. Reading a gun control article is one way of understanding the issues involved, even though one may not be interested in joining the gun control debate.

A gun control article is expected to list the gun control pros and cons and analyze them dispassionately. People read articles to get a better perspective of the issues. So, a well written gun control article should fulfill their needs. Gun control articles will invariably present gun crime statistics. These articles may also connect different items of statistics by pointing out the common thread running through them.

For example, gun death statistics reveal that more children are killed by guns in those places that have many people possessing guns. There is another data which states that in houses that have guns, the chances of women and children getting caught in gun violence are high. A gun control article may present these two sets of statistics together and bring out the message that can be read from them to the effect that gun ownership increases the risk for the family members of the gun owners.

In addition to this negative data, the gun control article may also cite the information that countries that have tightened their laws have found that gun laws bring down not only murders but also suicides. Thus the article can put the gun control issue in perspective by showing the positive results of gun control and the negative consequences of uncontrolled gun ownership.

A good gun control article should also bring out the fallacies in some of the irrational arguments. People who fight gun control measures take shelter under the 2nd amendment claiming the right to own guns as an absolute right guaranteed by this law. The article can counter this fallacious argument by revealing the fact that about 99 percent of the information for this amendment was provided by people with no background in legal education.

Lastly, a gun control article should also discuss the economic aspects of gun control. Many people may not be aware that gun violence leads to an economic loss of about 3.7 dollars peer year to the US.

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