The Power of A Gun Control Article

Gun death statistics

Does the gun control article have any value? How many people read gun control articles? Even if many people read such articles, does a gun control article have the power to influence people? These may be a few questions that may arise in the minds of a person who has been observing that both the print media and the electronic media are being flooded with gun control articles every day.

The gun control article has a purpose. It contributes to a healthy gun control debate. It is not like other articles written by way of news analysis, education or entertainment. A gun control essay presents the gun control pros and cons in such a way that even readers who are not well versed on the topic will understand the issue clearly. A balanced gun control article will present gun control facts and also look at the reasonableness of the arguments made both in favor of and against gun control. Some of the issues normally discussed by such an article are as below.

1) Gun crime statistics will always form a part of a gun control article. as per gun death statistics, guns are used in about 70 percent of the homicides in the United States. This information makes the reader of the article become aware of the potential of the gun as a murder weapon.

2) Another fact that we can find in a gun control article is information on gun ownership. Gun control facts reveal that for every 100 Americans, there are 89 guns. This translates into nearly one gun for everyone residing in the US, including children. If we consider adults alone, the figure may be more than one gun per person. This kind of data shows the excessive gun ownership in our country.

3) Another disturbing piece of information you will find in a gun control article is the finding that women and children are exposed to a high risk of getting killed by guns if they live in a house which has a gun. If you compare this with another piece of data that suicide rates are higher in the areas that have high gun ownership, you will be convinced of the danger potential of people owning guns without any control. The gun control article will also contrast this with the situation in countries that have tightened gun laws and have seen a drop in crime as a result.

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