One Gun Control Article Can make A Difference

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What can one gun control article do? An endless number of gun control articles have been rolling out of the presses and finding places in popular magazines and other periodicals. Many of them have discussed the gun control pros and cons exhaustively leaving the readers in no doubt about which side they should take in the gun control debate. But we do not see anything significant happening by way of making the gun control laws stronger.

In such a scenario, is there a scope for one more gun control article and if there is, what should it focus on? I strongly believe that one gun control article can make a difference to the gun control scene. The article should focus on just one thing. It should collect gun control facts and present them in a way the readers will be able to appreciate their significance. Reproducing gun crime statistics may not create any interest in readers who are being flooded with gun death statistics almost on a daily basis.

The first thing the gun control article should highlight is the unusually large gun density in the United States. By gun density, I mean the number of guns relative to the number of people living in this country. A statistical data like a figure of 89 guns for 100 Americans may be lost among many readers. It is the duty of the gun control article to point out that this means that there is an average of nearly one gun for each American! Such a depiction will highlight the abnormality of gun ownership in the US. The gun control article should also bring in some unusual statistical information like revealing that gun crime has a toll even on the economy of the US, by causing a loss of 3.7 billion dollars per annum.

In addition to discussing facts relating to gun crime, the gun control article should also dwell on the approach of the anti gun control bodies like the National Rifles Association (NRA). The article should make the readers understand that the NRA has been functioning not like an association of sportsmen but as a lobby. This assertion can be supported by disclosing the threats being made by the NRA to legislators that they would face defeat in the primaries if they fail to endorse the stand of the NRA. A gun control article focusing on these aspects can make a difference.

Is This Gun Control Essay Misleading Us?

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A gun control essay that I came across contained some information which was new to me. Some of the gun control facts mentioned in the essay was so shocking that I had a doubt whether this gun control essay was trying to mislead us by giving some gun crime statistics which might not be true. It was only after I had found the same gun death statistics in other gun control articles also that I was convinced that this gun control essay was not misleading people but was just telling the truth. I give below the list of gun control facts which I found unbelievable at first but which proved to be correct on my checking them with authentic sources.

1) The gun control essay said that about 40 percent of children staying in houses where guns were kept knew exactly where their parents had kept them. This data shocked me when I thought about the consequence of this. It was this possibility that created the disbelief in the beginning. But unfortunately, this information is true and there is a real risk of some guns falling into the hands of kids.

2) This gun control essay also quoted the results of a study which found that there was no evidence to prove the claim that having more guns would result in less crime since people who own guns could protect themselves from attacks.

3) Another fact highlighted by this gun control essay was that countries which had a relatively smaller number of guns also recorded a smaller number of crimes. This information shows that though many weapons can be used to commit murders, guns seem to be the predominant weapon used in murders. So, the more guns are available in a place, the greater are the chances for murders to take place. This fact suggests that the logical route to check crimes is to make availability of guns difficult.

4) This gun control essay also examined the stand taken by the National Rifles Association (NRA) and came out with the conclusion that far from being an association of sports people, the NRA should be considered an anti gun control lobby.

Take A look At Gun Control Pros And Cons

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If you are an open minded person, you will be interested in studying gun control pros and cons, before making up your mind about extending support to gun control measures. The factors supporting gun control far outweigh those that are not, both in terms of numbers and in terms of weight. Let us start with gun crime statistics. Looking at gun death statistics is essential for understanding the gun control pros and cons.

I came across these gun control facts in a gun control article on gun control pros and cons I read recently. These figures are based on studies made by various independent organizations and government agencies. We will start with the figures of gun ownership. If you know the population of the United States, you can take it as a close approximation of the number of guns owned by the American people since studies show that there are 89 guns for 100 Americans!

Whether some people like it or not, a list of gun control pros and cons will reveal that factors favoring stronger gun control laws dominate the list. Another data I gathered from a different gun control essay is that as many as 30,000 American people die every year in gun crimes. This is shocking enough. But you will be shell shocked to know that the ratio of gun deaths in a country to the population of the country is higher for the US than for South Africa. Thus the US is ranked worse than South Africa in terms of safety from gun crime.

Gun control pros and cons are not made of figures alone. They also include concrete facts like the decrease in gun crime seen in Australia after the Australian government implemented strict gun control measures. This is a positive evidence in favor of enacting a more stringent law to control the use of guns. This fact supports another finding that strict gun laws have a positive effect on suicides also, apart from bringing down gun deaths.

Is Gun Death Like Any Other Death?

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With the phenomenon of gun death becoming increasingly common, the question arises whether gun death is different from any other kind of death. People who are stoical may be able to look at death as a natural occurrence. But can we assume the same kind of philosophical attitude about gun death? I think we should not. First of all, gun death is a gruesome and unnatural form of death. Secondly and more importantly, it is something that could and should be prevented.

The one group of people who does not seem to be even a little perturbed about gun death is the National Rifles Association (NRA). It is not moved by gun control facts that depict a grim scenario of the havoc created by gun crime. While learning about gun death statistics will make anyone pitch for some action to control the use of guns, the NRA will swear by the 2nd amendment and claim gun ownership as an absolute right that cannot be subjected to any control.

People concerned about the growing incidents gun death could easily point out that with the people who drafted the 2nd amendment having had no legal education, making changes to this law cannot be deemed heretical. But the NRA will be unmoved by such rational arguments advanced in the arena of gun control debate since it has a policy of not compromising on its obstinate stand. We cannot be faulted if we conclude, based on the attitude of the NRA, that it may not be an association of sportsmen as made out to be, not even a club of any sort but only a highly paid lobby of people crazy about owning guns.

Our legislators may be interested in studying the gun control pros and cons and in arresting the problem of gun death caused by uncontrolled gun ownership. But the NRA is reported to be forcing them to take the side of the NRA, threatening them that the NRA would otherwise ensure their defeat in the primaries.

How To Find A Good Gun Control Essay

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If you are looking for a good gun control essay, you may be wondering how to find one. First of all, you may be confused between the terms gun control essay and gun control article. In my opinion both mean the same though the word essay may sound more academic and the word article more informal.

A good gun control essay is one that deals with gun control facts without making any attempt to misinterpret them. It sometimes happens that in a gun control debate, gun crime statistics are wrongly interpreted to bolster the side which it seeks to support. For example, take this gun control statistics revealing that 30,000 people get killed by guns in the United States every year. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. So a gun control essay may try to play down this by saying that for a country of the size of the US, with a population exceeding 300 million, this figure is very small, constituting only about 0.01 percent of the population.

But a good gun control essay will not do this. It will present this fact with a couple of other statistics that will help the reader to understand the significance of the figures. The essay can cite the fact that the US has the highest ratio of the number of guns to population. The number of guns is 89 for a population of 100. Another data the gun control essay could provide is that while only 5 percent of people of the world live in America, the country possesses about 50 percent of the privately owned guns of the world. A reader studying these three sets of data together can see the link between the number of guns and the extent of crime.

A good gun control essay will also present some positive facts. If it informs the readers that the number of murders is smaller in those countries that have a fewer guns, it will further enhance the readers’ understanding of the efficacy of gun control.

How To Write A Gun Control Article?

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If you are concerned with making gun control laws more stringent, you may like to write a gun control article expressing your views. The good news is that a gun control article is so popular that you will find some journals willing to publish your article. The bad news is that thousands of gun control articles have been written already and you may find that you have nothing new to add. But you can write a good article by making the content relevant and interesting.

Your gun control article should appear different from any other gun control essay. One way of doing this is to pack your writing with gun control facts and gun crime statistics rather than rhetorical statements. One of the facts you may mention is relating to the role of guns in homicides. It has been found that about 60 percent of homicides in the United States are committed using guns. This information will make anyone reading the article understand the risk potential of guns. You need not even add a comment on this piece of statistical data.

Another item of statistical data that you can use is about the number of gun deaths in America. Do you know that gun death claims 30,000 victims every year in our country? Some people may not consider this figure to be high. Supplement this data with another data on comparative gun death figures for different countries. A study has found that the number of gun deaths expressed as a ratio of the population is higher for the US than it is for South Africa. When these two figures are read together, your readers will appreciate that the incidence of gun crime is particularly high in our country.

Your gun control article should also answer some of the arguments put up by the anti gun law lobby. The 2nd amendment is cited by the gun lobby to oppose restrictions on gun ownership. Your gun control article can point out that almost the entire 2nd amendment was the work of people with no background in law. Hence changing this provision is not unreasonable.

Your gun control article should also expose the activities of the NRA (National Rifles Association) so that your readers will start thinking whether they should consider NRA to be a political organization or as a lobbyist group!

What Do Gun Control Pros And Cons Reveal?

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We should consider gun control pros and cons to judge the issue of gun control dispassionately. But there are some groups which are not inclined to involve themselves in such an exercise. Apparently, they have a fear that gun control facts may not favor them. But people who are in favor of strong gun control measures are willing to consider gun control pros and cons. They can afford to do this because the gun crime statistics are in their favor!

When we start looking at the gun control pros and cons, we need to necessarily look at gun death statistics. Gun death being a major issue propelling the gun control movement, we need to necessarily look at the information provided by innumerable gun control articles published in the media over the past few decades. Since a gun control article may be in favor of or against strong gun control legislation, depending on the position of the author of the article, we will find both gun control pros and cons listed, if we read a large number of articles. Reading a number of articles will thus make our analysis more balanced.

Gun control pros and cons include information on gun crime. Gun crime statistics show that the US has the largest gun ownership ratio with 89 guns per 100 people. When we consider this along with another fact that the US has a larger ratio of the number of gun deaths to population than South Africa, we cannot fail to see a link between bun ownership and gun crime. After all, study of gun pros and cons has the objective of drawing the right conclusions from such a study.

But there are some sections of the population like the National Rifles Association (NRA) who are interested not in looking at the pros ad cons of gun control but only in pursuing their agenda of anti gun control. Such a stand by the NRA shows it to be a highly paid lobby, not as an association of sports persons, as it will want us to believe. Unfortunately, there are some pro NRA legislators who, without considering the gun control pros and cons, persist in aiding the cause of the NRA by making rules preventing the National Institute of Health even from studying gun violence.

Are Gun Crime Statistics Relevant?

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Gun crime statistics are compiled for a reason. The purpose of statistics, in general, is to present data in a simplified and useful way so that the people concerned can use the data to analyze the situation and take adequate steps to improve things. But gun death statistics do not seem to have been taken seriously by the law makers. On the other hand, gun control pros and cons are being discussed endlessly with no breakthrough being achieved.

The following are the highlights of the situation presented by gun crime statistics:

1) A very high proportion of homicides involve use of guns. According to a finding, the figure is 60 percent , well past the half way mark. This is not something that the advocates of uncontrolled gun ownership can derive comfort from. The high gun death percentage in homicides should lead to an honest introspection by all concerned.

2) The number of deaths resulting from gunshots is about 30,000. This high figure should awaken the conscience of the gun lobby and make it agree for at least some compromise. This is the message conveyed by this part of the gun crime statistics. If you consider this figure along with the fact that women and children are more vulnerable to gun death in houses that have guns, you can realize the danger potential of guns.

3) Gun control facts may not move the NRA who are bent upon blocking any gun control measure and who are not interested in joining any meaningful gun control debate either. If you think that the NRA is a gun club, you may have to change your perception. NRA is a highly paid lobby with the sole objective of blocking all gun control measures using any means it is capable of. Gun crime statistics will cut no ice with it.

4) Even as we are discussing gun crime statistics, we should be alert to the fact that there are many legislators who stand by NRA and who make it a point to block all CDC efforts at collecting gun death statistics, going to the extent of stopping them on their tracks when they attempt to study gun violence.

Gun Control Essay How To Write One

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A student assigned to write a gun control essay often wonders what he can write about it. The issue of gun control is a hot topic no doubt but so much has been said about it as to suggest that nothing is left to be added! Gun control statistics can form an important part of a gun control essay. These statistics will not only make the essay interesting but will also add a tinge of authenticity to the essay apart from making it more convincing.
Here are a few gun crime statistics that can be included in a gun control essay. People like to read about percentages. So if you include the percentage of homicides in which guns have been used to cause deaths, you will be entering the gun control debate with some amount of authority and force. This figure is quite high at 60 percent and is sure to shock the readers of your gun control essay.
Another set of gun control statistics you can include is the percentage of kids who have knowledge about where their elders keep their guns. This percentage is also quite high at 39 percent . You can also include the information that if, in a region, there are a large number of people having guns, the number of children killed in homicide is also high.
Statistics relating to gun deaths are another factor that will weigh heavily with people looking at gun control pros and cons. The figures will be more impressive if you can present them in a comparative way. For example, you can point out that the number of gun deaths per 10,000 is higher for the United States than it is for South Africa.
To add more value to your gun control essay, you can mention that there is an economic side to the gun control issue as well, as indicated by the loss of close to four billion dollars per annum due to gun deaths.
A gun control essay presented with authentic statistical information will be well received by all who read it.