My Way Of Writing A Gun Control Essay

Gun death statistics

If I am asked to write a gun control essay, how will I like to structure it? My gun control essay will definitely highlight gun control facts. It will also examine the gun control pros and cons made out by people on either side of the gun control debate.

There will be no difficulty in collecting gun crime statistics. Various government agencies as well as independent bodies including the United Nations Organization (UNO) have made extensive studies of gun crime and compiled a wide array of gun death statistics. Picking out a few relevant facts and presenting them will give credibility to my gun control essay. Here are some gun control facts I would like to include in my gun control essay are

Is the claim made by the antagonists of gun control that guns are needed to protect themselves and their family members borne out by facts? No. In fact, gun death statistics show the opposite to be true. Studies have shown that about 39 percent of the children of people having guns are aware of the places the guns are kept in their houses. So, what can stop these children from taking the guns in their hands and using them inappropriately? This danger is more severe than a possible attack by some criminals. Another fact I would like to present in my gun control essay is that in countries hat have enacted strong gun control laws, it has been found that strict gun laws have reduced not only murders but also suicides.

By way of evaluating the gun control pros and cons, I would like my gun control essay to focus on the role played by the pro gun groups like the National Rifles Association (NRA). My essay will expose the fact that the NRA has been following a policy of not compromising its rigid position on gun control. Hence it will be more appropriate to describe the NRA as a lobbyist body rather than a political organization. The NRA has the support of some legislators who go to the extent of putting obstacles in the way of the CDC in its efforts to study gun violence by making laws that will make its job difficult. My gun control essay will thus make out a strong case for gun control both by using gun crime statistics and by highlighting the unfair actions of the anti gun control groups.

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