How Does Writing a Gun Control Article Help the Cause of Gun Control

Gun crime statistics

It appears that everyone wants to write a gun control article. We all know that the issue of gun control has been getting increased attention day by day due to claims and counter claims by both the sides. Writing a gun control article is one way of joining the gun control debate by sharing one’s views before the public at large. After all, periodicals are interested in publishing gun control articles that will discuss the gun control pros and cons in detail with a view to making their readers make well informed on the topic.

What are the points one can include in a gun control article? One set of data that has to be included is gun crime statistics. The article can list the gun control facts that are available in the public domain and discuss the significance of these figures. For example, gun death statistics indicate that the average number of people who are killed every year in our county is 30,000. If the gun control article presents this figure along with another, relating to gun ownership and explain how these two figures are related, readers will have a correct perspective of the situation. The gun ownership figures for different countries reveal that the United States has a disproportionately high rate of gun ownership in that with a population that forms just 5 percent of the population of the world, the US owns about 50 percent of the guns available in the world! When a reader considers these two sets of facts presented by the gun control article together, he will be able to understand that high gun ownership is likely to lead a high crime rate.

The gun control article can also add another piece of information that in homes that have guns, women and children are exposed to an increased risk of gun death. Apart from discussing data relating to gun crime, the gun control article should also deal with those who stubbornly oppose any kind of gun control. The NRA (National Rifles Association), the leading opponent of gun control legislation, has been following a policy of no compromise on its stubborn stand. The gun control article should use this fact to question the claim of the NRA to be an association and expose its real role as a lobbying body.

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