Gun Death Statistics Are Not Mere Figures

Gun control

Gun death statistics abound. You can see them in the papers and hear them in television news, debates etc. These statistics should not be thought of as just some figures. Gun death statistics are records of how many human lives are lost due to gun violence. If we learn to look at gun crime statistics as the price we are paying for our inability or willingness to curb the use of guns through strong gun control laws, we will definitely be disturbed by the picture they present.

Let us pick a few facts from gun death statistics. Which are the places more prone to gun violence? The answer provided by gun control facts may surprise you. Gun death statistics reveal that in those regions where a greater percentage of the population owns guns, a greater percentage of women and children become victims of gun violence. Not only that, in homes that have guns, the chances of women and children shot dead by guns are high. So, what is the message delivered by gun death statistics? Where there is a gun, there is death! It is as simple as that. The facts are too strong to be ignored or dismissed by anyone.

Another information provided by gun death statistics is through comparison. If we compute the number of gun deaths for a population of 100,000, the United States is ranked worse than South Africa. This point should be brought out in the gun control debate so that Americans will know to what extent gun crime is prevalent in their country.

Unfortunately, not all Americans are sensitive to gun death statistics. There are organizations like the NRA (National Rifles Association) that have been taking up the cudgels for uncontrolled gun ownership. The NRA has been forcing some legislators to back up its cause by threatening them with defeat in the primaries, if they won’t toe its line. This threat seems to have had some effect because we find that some legislators are obstructing even compilation of gun death statistics by making rules that will obstruct organizations like the CDC from even studying gun violence.

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