Gun Control Pros And Cons Do Not Matter

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Gun control pros and cons do not matter for some people. These people are just not interested in any gun control debate that will bring out the gun control pros and cons. They just want their way, whatever gun control facts may point out.

Discussing gun control pros and cons will serve any useful purpose only if both sides to the issue of gun control are willing to consider the facts objectively and accept the reality presented by them. Let us consider the fact that people in the United States have about 50 percent of all the privately owned guns in the world. What is wrong with this, the pro gun people may ask. But if we point out to them that the US has only 5 percent of the population of the world, they will have no answer. So instead of countering the issues projected by gun crime statistics, these people will raise extraneous points that will have no bearing on the issue.

For example, one of the arguments made by the anti gun control lobby is that the right to own guns is a right given to us by the second amendment and that this right cannot be taken away by any other law. Apart from the fact that this argument has no relevance to gun control pros and cons, there is also the fact that this amendment was created for its most part by people with no legal education.

Unfortunately fot those opposing gun control, the gun control pros and cons are weighed heavily in favor of tighter gun control. Gun death statistics reveal that Australia was able to reduce gun violence by 60 percent after it brought in a strict gun control regime. What applies to Australia should apply to the US also. Gun crime statistics from various countries show that in palces where gun control laws were made stiffer, the number of murders as well as that of suicides was brought down.

With gun control pros and cons not being in their favor, the anti gun control lobby led by the National Rifles Association (NRA) has started using other methods. Legislators owing allegiance to the NRA are making rules that will make it difficult for the CDC to study gun violence. This kind of unfair practices on the paet of these people are a clear pointer to what picture do the gun control pros and cons present.

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