Gun Control Artice Settles The Issue

Gun control article

I read a gun control article which presented gun control facts so impressively that it appeared to have settled the gun control debate in favor of a strong gun control regime. A single article has done what a large number of other gun control articles have not been able to do. The success of this gun control essay stemmed from its approach.

Normally, a gun control article will discuss the gun control pros and cons extensively making the reader mentally fatigued. But this control made the issue more interesting by using a right mix of gun crime statistics and arguments presented by both sides. Instead of confusing the reader with a plethora of statistical information, this gun control article focused on just a few gun death statistics that were powerful enough to deliver a strong message.

In fact, just two of the gun death statistics I found in this article should be sufficient to bolster the case for a strong gun control regime. One is about the extent of gun ownership in the US. This gun control article brought out the stunning data that there are 89 guns for 100 Americans. It left the consequences of this high level of gun ownership to the imagination of its readers. The second fact mentioned by this gun control article was how gun crime affected the US economy by causing a loss of $3.70 million every year.

This gun control article then went on to examine the attitude and actions of the pro gun control lobby led by the high profile National Rifles Association (NRA). The article questioned the fairness of the policy of the NRA never to compromise on its opposition to gun laws. The article also highlighted the fact that the pro gun groups chose to resort to unethical actions rather than present facts supporting their case. The gun control article highlighted the action of the pro NRA legislators who did everything in their power to stymie the efforts of the CDC to study gun violence by making laws that will cause obstructions to the CDC. This gun control article thus did an admirable job in furthering the cause of gun control.

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