Do We Need Another Gun Control Essay?

Gun control pros and cons

Whenever I see gun control articles popping up from the pages of newspapers and journals, the question that arises in my mind is whether we need one more gun control essay. What is the purpose of writing a gun control essay? Unless it is an essay written by a student as an assignment, the purpose of any gun control article is to list out the gun control pros and cons and analyze the question of stricter gun control from different perspectives.

Many a gun control essay has been written during the last many years. The gun control debate has been carried on both in structured and unstructured ways in public forums, newspaper pages and innumerable formal and informal groups. Whether it is a gun control essay or a debate, it can only highlight the issues for and against unrestricted gun ownership. The essay has to invariably present gun control facts to drive home the message it is seeking to convey. Some of the gun crime statistics revealed in one gun control essay or other are as below.

1) The United States has a disproportionate share of the total number of guns available in the world. It owns about 50 percent of them though it holds only 5 percent of the population of the world.

2) Another item of gun death statistics a gun control essay has mentioned is that 60 percent of the homicides in the US are caused by guns.

3) While listing the above two facts, one gun control essay has also brought out the link between gun ownership and gun crime and pointed out how this fact was contrary to the claim made by the pro gun lobbies that having more guns would have the effect of reducing the crime. People who make this claim have not been able to cite any evidence supporting it.

4) In addition to presenting the arguments made by both the sides, another gun control essay also examined the merit of the points. The essay countered the argument of the anti gun control groups that gun rights are guaranteed by the 2nd amendment by pointing out that 99 percent of this law was created by people with no background in law. This gun control essay also exposed the role of the pro NRA (National Rifles Association) legislators in blocking the CDC from studying gun violence by making rules that will make its task difficult.

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