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How Does Writing a Gun Control Article Help the Cause of Gun Control

Gun crime statistics

It appears that everyone wants to write a gun control article. We all know that the issue of gun control has been getting increased attention day by day due to claims and counter claims by both the sides. Writing a gun control article is one way of joining the gun control debate by sharing one’s views before the public at large. After all, periodicals are interested in publishing gun control articles that will discuss the gun control pros and cons in detail with a view to making their readers make well informed on the topic.

What are the points one can include in a gun control article? One set of data that has to be included is gun crime statistics. The article can list the gun control facts that are available in the public domain and discuss the significance of these figures. For example, gun death statistics indicate that the average number of people who are killed every year in our county is 30,000. If the gun control article presents this figure along with another, relating to gun ownership and explain how these two figures are related, readers will have a correct perspective of the situation. The gun ownership figures for different countries reveal that the United States has a disproportionately high rate of gun ownership in that with a population that forms just 5 percent of the population of the world, the US owns about 50 percent of the guns available in the world! When a reader considers these two sets of facts presented by the gun control article together, he will be able to understand that high gun ownership is likely to lead a high crime rate.

The gun control article can also add another piece of information that in homes that have guns, women and children are exposed to an increased risk of gun death. Apart from discussing data relating to gun crime, the gun control article should also deal with those who stubbornly oppose any kind of gun control. The NRA (National Rifles Association), the leading opponent of gun control legislation, has been following a policy of no compromise on its stubborn stand. The gun control article should use this fact to question the claim of the NRA to be an association and expose its real role as a lobbying body.

Why Should You Read A Gun Control Article?

Gun death statistics

A gun control article may not be read by all. Not all people are interested in the topic of gun control. But, gun crime affects everyone. Therefore every one should be interested in knowing gun control facts. Reading a gun control article is one way of understanding the issues involved, even though one may not be interested in joining the gun control debate.

A gun control article is expected to list the gun control pros and cons and analyze them dispassionately. People read articles to get a better perspective of the issues. So, a well written gun control article should fulfill their needs. Gun control articles will invariably present gun crime statistics. These articles may also connect different items of statistics by pointing out the common thread running through them.

For example, gun death statistics reveal that more children are killed by guns in those places that have many people possessing guns. There is another data which states that in houses that have guns, the chances of women and children getting caught in gun violence are high. A gun control article may present these two sets of statistics together and bring out the message that can be read from them to the effect that gun ownership increases the risk for the family members of the gun owners.

In addition to this negative data, the gun control article may also cite the information that countries that have tightened their laws have found that gun laws bring down not only murders but also suicides. Thus the article can put the gun control issue in perspective by showing the positive results of gun control and the negative consequences of uncontrolled gun ownership.

A good gun control article should also bring out the fallacies in some of the irrational arguments. People who fight gun control measures take shelter under the 2nd amendment claiming the right to own guns as an absolute right guaranteed by this law. The article can counter this fallacious argument by revealing the fact that about 99 percent of the information for this amendment was provided by people with no background in legal education.

Lastly, a gun control article should also discuss the economic aspects of gun control. Many people may not be aware that gun violence leads to an economic loss of about 3.7 dollars peer year to the US.

Gun Control Artice Settles The Issue

Gun control article

I read a gun control article which presented gun control facts so impressively that it appeared to have settled the gun control debate in favor of a strong gun control regime. A single article has done what a large number of other gun control articles have not been able to do. The success of this gun control essay stemmed from its approach.

Normally, a gun control article will discuss the gun control pros and cons extensively making the reader mentally fatigued. But this control made the issue more interesting by using a right mix of gun crime statistics and arguments presented by both sides. Instead of confusing the reader with a plethora of statistical information, this gun control article focused on just a few gun death statistics that were powerful enough to deliver a strong message.

In fact, just two of the gun death statistics I found in this article should be sufficient to bolster the case for a strong gun control regime. One is about the extent of gun ownership in the US. This gun control article brought out the stunning data that there are 89 guns for 100 Americans. It left the consequences of this high level of gun ownership to the imagination of its readers. The second fact mentioned by this gun control article was how gun crime affected the US economy by causing a loss of $3.70 million every year.

This gun control article then went on to examine the attitude and actions of the pro gun control lobby led by the high profile National Rifles Association (NRA). The article questioned the fairness of the policy of the NRA never to compromise on its opposition to gun laws. The article also highlighted the fact that the pro gun groups chose to resort to unethical actions rather than present facts supporting their case. The gun control article highlighted the action of the pro NRA legislators who did everything in their power to stymie the efforts of the CDC to study gun violence by making laws that will cause obstructions to the CDC. This gun control article thus did an admirable job in furthering the cause of gun control.

Are Gun Crime Statistics Relevant?

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Gun crime statistics are compiled for a reason. The purpose of statistics, in general, is to present data in a simplified and useful way so that the people concerned can use the data to analyze the situation and take adequate steps to improve things. But gun death statistics do not seem to have been taken seriously by the law makers. On the other hand, gun control pros and cons are being discussed endlessly with no breakthrough being achieved.

The following are the highlights of the situation presented by gun crime statistics:

1) A very high proportion of homicides involve use of guns. According to a finding, the figure is 60 percent , well past the half way mark. This is not something that the advocates of uncontrolled gun ownership can derive comfort from. The high gun death percentage in homicides should lead to an honest introspection by all concerned.

2) The number of deaths resulting from gunshots is about 30,000. This high figure should awaken the conscience of the gun lobby and make it agree for at least some compromise. This is the message conveyed by this part of the gun crime statistics. If you consider this figure along with the fact that women and children are more vulnerable to gun death in houses that have guns, you can realize the danger potential of guns.

3) Gun control facts may not move the NRA who are bent upon blocking any gun control measure and who are not interested in joining any meaningful gun control debate either. If you think that the NRA is a gun club, you may have to change your perception. NRA is a highly paid lobby with the sole objective of blocking all gun control measures using any means it is capable of. Gun crime statistics will cut no ice with it.

4) Even as we are discussing gun crime statistics, we should be alert to the fact that there are many legislators who stand by NRA and who make it a point to block all CDC efforts at collecting gun death statistics, going to the extent of stopping them on their tracks when they attempt to study gun violence.

Gun Control Essay How To Write One

Gun death statistics

A student assigned to write a gun control essay often wonders what he can write about it. The issue of gun control is a hot topic no doubt but so much has been said about it as to suggest that nothing is left to be added! Gun control statistics can form an important part of a gun control essay. These statistics will not only make the essay interesting but will also add a tinge of authenticity to the essay apart from making it more convincing.
Here are a few gun crime statistics that can be included in a gun control essay. People like to read about percentages. So if you include the percentage of homicides in which guns have been used to cause deaths, you will be entering the gun control debate with some amount of authority and force. This figure is quite high at 60 percent and is sure to shock the readers of your gun control essay.
Another set of gun control statistics you can include is the percentage of kids who have knowledge about where their elders keep their guns. This percentage is also quite high at 39 percent . You can also include the information that if, in a region, there are a large number of people having guns, the number of children killed in homicide is also high.
Statistics relating to gun deaths are another factor that will weigh heavily with people looking at gun control pros and cons. The figures will be more impressive if you can present them in a comparative way. For example, you can point out that the number of gun deaths per 10,000 is higher for the United States than it is for South Africa.
To add more value to your gun control essay, you can mention that there is an economic side to the gun control issue as well, as indicated by the loss of close to four billion dollars per annum due to gun deaths.
A gun control essay presented with authentic statistical information will be well received by all who read it.