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The Issue of Gun Control

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If there is one issue that has been kept alive for long with no definite resolution, it is gun control. The gun control debate has been going on for several years and even several decades. The gun control pros and cons have been so extensively debated that there seems to be nothing more to discuss. But the issue of gun control still remains only in the realm of consideration with no decision taken on strengthening gun control laws.

If we look at gun control facts with an open mind, we will realize that gun violence continues to be a problem. The opponents of stricter gun control laws will like us to believe that we can control crime by allowing people to own guns, which people can use to defend themselves and their family members from possible attacks by criminal elements. But gun crime statistics show the real picture to be something entirely different.

Studies have established that in regions which house a larger proportion of gun owning population, the suicide rates are high. Thus, gun ownership seems to help people with suicidal tendencies to carry out their suicide plans by making guns readily accessible to them! So, how can one say that allowing people to own guns will bring down crime? Comparison of gun death statistics for different countries shows the United States in an unenviable position. If we compare the ratio of gun deaths to the population for different countries, US ranks below South Africa. This is another proof that high rate of gun ownership leads to higher incidence of gun deaths. In fact, the damage caused by gun crime extends even to the economy. The US has been suffering an economic loss of 3.7 billion dollars every year as a consequence of gun deaths.

In spite of such overwhelming evidence in favor of gun control, the pro gun lobby is unrelenting. The NRA (National Rifles Association) which has been spearheading the anti gun control movement has made no secret of its adamant attitude by openly saying that it will not accept any compromise. Gun control facts are of no concern to the NRA and its supporters. The NRA is known to be threatening the legislators that they should either support the stand of the NRA or face defeat in the primaries. With so many odds against it, the issue of gun control continues to remain a dream.

Why Should You Read A Gun Control Article?

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A gun control article may not be read by all. Not all people are interested in the topic of gun control. But, gun crime affects everyone. Therefore every one should be interested in knowing gun control facts. Reading a gun control article is one way of understanding the issues involved, even though one may not be interested in joining the gun control debate.

A gun control article is expected to list the gun control pros and cons and analyze them dispassionately. People read articles to get a better perspective of the issues. So, a well written gun control article should fulfill their needs. Gun control articles will invariably present gun crime statistics. These articles may also connect different items of statistics by pointing out the common thread running through them.

For example, gun death statistics reveal that more children are killed by guns in those places that have many people possessing guns. There is another data which states that in houses that have guns, the chances of women and children getting caught in gun violence are high. A gun control article may present these two sets of statistics together and bring out the message that can be read from them to the effect that gun ownership increases the risk for the family members of the gun owners.

In addition to this negative data, the gun control article may also cite the information that countries that have tightened their laws have found that gun laws bring down not only murders but also suicides. Thus the article can put the gun control issue in perspective by showing the positive results of gun control and the negative consequences of uncontrolled gun ownership.

A good gun control article should also bring out the fallacies in some of the irrational arguments. People who fight gun control measures take shelter under the 2nd amendment claiming the right to own guns as an absolute right guaranteed by this law. The article can counter this fallacious argument by revealing the fact that about 99 percent of the information for this amendment was provided by people with no background in legal education.

Lastly, a gun control article should also discuss the economic aspects of gun control. Many people may not be aware that gun violence leads to an economic loss of about 3.7 dollars peer year to the US.

Do We Need Another Gun Control Essay?

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Whenever I see gun control articles popping up from the pages of newspapers and journals, the question that arises in my mind is whether we need one more gun control essay. What is the purpose of writing a gun control essay? Unless it is an essay written by a student as an assignment, the purpose of any gun control article is to list out the gun control pros and cons and analyze the question of stricter gun control from different perspectives.

Many a gun control essay has been written during the last many years. The gun control debate has been carried on both in structured and unstructured ways in public forums, newspaper pages and innumerable formal and informal groups. Whether it is a gun control essay or a debate, it can only highlight the issues for and against unrestricted gun ownership. The essay has to invariably present gun control facts to drive home the message it is seeking to convey. Some of the gun crime statistics revealed in one gun control essay or other are as below.

1) The United States has a disproportionate share of the total number of guns available in the world. It owns about 50 percent of them though it holds only 5 percent of the population of the world.

2) Another item of gun death statistics a gun control essay has mentioned is that 60 percent of the homicides in the US are caused by guns.

3) While listing the above two facts, one gun control essay has also brought out the link between gun ownership and gun crime and pointed out how this fact was contrary to the claim made by the pro gun lobbies that having more guns would have the effect of reducing the crime. People who make this claim have not been able to cite any evidence supporting it.

4) In addition to presenting the arguments made by both the sides, another gun control essay also examined the merit of the points. The essay countered the argument of the anti gun control groups that gun rights are guaranteed by the 2nd amendment by pointing out that 99 percent of this law was created by people with no background in law. This gun control essay also exposed the role of the pro NRA (National Rifles Association) legislators in blocking the CDC from studying gun violence by making rules that will make its task difficult.

My Way Of Writing A Gun Control Essay

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If I am asked to write a gun control essay, how will I like to structure it? My gun control essay will definitely highlight gun control facts. It will also examine the gun control pros and cons made out by people on either side of the gun control debate.

There will be no difficulty in collecting gun crime statistics. Various government agencies as well as independent bodies including the United Nations Organization (UNO) have made extensive studies of gun crime and compiled a wide array of gun death statistics. Picking out a few relevant facts and presenting them will give credibility to my gun control essay. Here are some gun control facts I would like to include in my gun control essay are

Is the claim made by the antagonists of gun control that guns are needed to protect themselves and their family members borne out by facts? No. In fact, gun death statistics show the opposite to be true. Studies have shown that about 39 percent of the children of people having guns are aware of the places the guns are kept in their houses. So, what can stop these children from taking the guns in their hands and using them inappropriately? This danger is more severe than a possible attack by some criminals. Another fact I would like to present in my gun control essay is that in countries hat have enacted strong gun control laws, it has been found that strict gun laws have reduced not only murders but also suicides.

By way of evaluating the gun control pros and cons, I would like my gun control essay to focus on the role played by the pro gun groups like the National Rifles Association (NRA). My essay will expose the fact that the NRA has been following a policy of not compromising its rigid position on gun control. Hence it will be more appropriate to describe the NRA as a lobbyist body rather than a political organization. The NRA has the support of some legislators who go to the extent of putting obstacles in the way of the CDC in its efforts to study gun violence by making laws that will make its job difficult. My gun control essay will thus make out a strong case for gun control both by using gun crime statistics and by highlighting the unfair actions of the anti gun control groups.

Is This Gun Control Essay Misleading Us?

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A gun control essay that I came across contained some information which was new to me. Some of the gun control facts mentioned in the essay was so shocking that I had a doubt whether this gun control essay was trying to mislead us by giving some gun crime statistics which might not be true. It was only after I had found the same gun death statistics in other gun control articles also that I was convinced that this gun control essay was not misleading people but was just telling the truth. I give below the list of gun control facts which I found unbelievable at first but which proved to be correct on my checking them with authentic sources.

1) The gun control essay said that about 40 percent of children staying in houses where guns were kept knew exactly where their parents had kept them. This data shocked me when I thought about the consequence of this. It was this possibility that created the disbelief in the beginning. But unfortunately, this information is true and there is a real risk of some guns falling into the hands of kids.

2) This gun control essay also quoted the results of a study which found that there was no evidence to prove the claim that having more guns would result in less crime since people who own guns could protect themselves from attacks.

3) Another fact highlighted by this gun control essay was that countries which had a relatively smaller number of guns also recorded a smaller number of crimes. This information shows that though many weapons can be used to commit murders, guns seem to be the predominant weapon used in murders. So, the more guns are available in a place, the greater are the chances for murders to take place. This fact suggests that the logical route to check crimes is to make availability of guns difficult.

4) This gun control essay also examined the stand taken by the National Rifles Association (NRA) and came out with the conclusion that far from being an association of sports people, the NRA should be considered an anti gun control lobby.

Take A look At Gun Control Pros And Cons

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If you are an open minded person, you will be interested in studying gun control pros and cons, before making up your mind about extending support to gun control measures. The factors supporting gun control far outweigh those that are not, both in terms of numbers and in terms of weight. Let us start with gun crime statistics. Looking at gun death statistics is essential for understanding the gun control pros and cons.

I came across these gun control facts in a gun control article on gun control pros and cons I read recently. These figures are based on studies made by various independent organizations and government agencies. We will start with the figures of gun ownership. If you know the population of the United States, you can take it as a close approximation of the number of guns owned by the American people since studies show that there are 89 guns for 100 Americans!

Whether some people like it or not, a list of gun control pros and cons will reveal that factors favoring stronger gun control laws dominate the list. Another data I gathered from a different gun control essay is that as many as 30,000 American people die every year in gun crimes. This is shocking enough. But you will be shell shocked to know that the ratio of gun deaths in a country to the population of the country is higher for the US than for South Africa. Thus the US is ranked worse than South Africa in terms of safety from gun crime.

Gun control pros and cons are not made of figures alone. They also include concrete facts like the decrease in gun crime seen in Australia after the Australian government implemented strict gun control measures. This is a positive evidence in favor of enacting a more stringent law to control the use of guns. This fact supports another finding that strict gun laws have a positive effect on suicides also, apart from bringing down gun deaths.

How To Write A Gun Control Article?

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If you are concerned with making gun control laws more stringent, you may like to write a gun control article expressing your views. The good news is that a gun control article is so popular that you will find some journals willing to publish your article. The bad news is that thousands of gun control articles have been written already and you may find that you have nothing new to add. But you can write a good article by making the content relevant and interesting.

Your gun control article should appear different from any other gun control essay. One way of doing this is to pack your writing with gun control facts and gun crime statistics rather than rhetorical statements. One of the facts you may mention is relating to the role of guns in homicides. It has been found that about 60 percent of homicides in the United States are committed using guns. This information will make anyone reading the article understand the risk potential of guns. You need not even add a comment on this piece of statistical data.

Another item of statistical data that you can use is about the number of gun deaths in America. Do you know that gun death claims 30,000 victims every year in our country? Some people may not consider this figure to be high. Supplement this data with another data on comparative gun death figures for different countries. A study has found that the number of gun deaths expressed as a ratio of the population is higher for the US than it is for South Africa. When these two figures are read together, your readers will appreciate that the incidence of gun crime is particularly high in our country.

Your gun control article should also answer some of the arguments put up by the anti gun law lobby. The 2nd amendment is cited by the gun lobby to oppose restrictions on gun ownership. Your gun control article can point out that almost the entire 2nd amendment was the work of people with no background in law. Hence changing this provision is not unreasonable.

Your gun control article should also expose the activities of the NRA (National Rifles Association) so that your readers will start thinking whether they should consider NRA to be a political organization or as a lobbyist group!

What Do Gun Control Pros And Cons Reveal?

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We should consider gun control pros and cons to judge the issue of gun control dispassionately. But there are some groups which are not inclined to involve themselves in such an exercise. Apparently, they have a fear that gun control facts may not favor them. But people who are in favor of strong gun control measures are willing to consider gun control pros and cons. They can afford to do this because the gun crime statistics are in their favor!

When we start looking at the gun control pros and cons, we need to necessarily look at gun death statistics. Gun death being a major issue propelling the gun control movement, we need to necessarily look at the information provided by innumerable gun control articles published in the media over the past few decades. Since a gun control article may be in favor of or against strong gun control legislation, depending on the position of the author of the article, we will find both gun control pros and cons listed, if we read a large number of articles. Reading a number of articles will thus make our analysis more balanced.

Gun control pros and cons include information on gun crime. Gun crime statistics show that the US has the largest gun ownership ratio with 89 guns per 100 people. When we consider this along with another fact that the US has a larger ratio of the number of gun deaths to population than South Africa, we cannot fail to see a link between bun ownership and gun crime. After all, study of gun pros and cons has the objective of drawing the right conclusions from such a study.

But there are some sections of the population like the National Rifles Association (NRA) who are interested not in looking at the pros ad cons of gun control but only in pursuing their agenda of anti gun control. Such a stand by the NRA shows it to be a highly paid lobby, not as an association of sports persons, as it will want us to believe. Unfortunately, there are some pro NRA legislators who, without considering the gun control pros and cons, persist in aiding the cause of the NRA by making rules preventing the National Institute of Health even from studying gun violence.